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Mini Monster August 21, 2009

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My daughter and I were surfing the web yesterday to “look for inspiration”. It is just a fun little thing that we do. We just look for pretty pictures and cool stuff. We managed to come across some work by Lizette Greco. She takes drawings done by children and brings them to life with her plushies. Both Lily and I thought that this was just the coolest thing.

Earlier in the week, Lily had a dentist appointment. Waiting in the waiting room is so boring and I would not let her bring her Nintendo DS with her. I had a notebook in my (new bird) purse, so I pulled it out and told her to draw a picture or something. Since she is 9, she scoffed a little and told me she was not a baby anymore. Then she took the paper and sarcastically drew a little monster and gave it back to me. I (bad influence that I am) replied with equal sarcasm that I was going to cherish it forever. This made her laugh and made the dentist appointment less nerve-wracking for her.

I still had the notepad in my purse and after seeing Lizette’s work, I felt inspired to attempt to bring Lily’s drawing to life.

So today, while Lily was at school, I got out the drawing, traced it onto plain white copy paper and cut it out to use as a pattern. I have a bunch of little felt squares that I keep for the kids to make little things with. I picked up a few of those, some black thread, and some polyfill that I happen to have for God-knows-what purpouse since I have never made a stuffed animal in my life.

Then, I plopped down in front of a Golden Girls marathon and handstitched Lily this little guy. (He does not have a name yet.)


Before you say anything about the amauteur looking stitch job, please know that I chose black thread and did the stitches intentionally imperfect in order to capture the “child’s art”-ness of it. I embroidered the mouth and eyelashes with the same heavy ($1 a spool) black thread.

Then I waited for her to get home. This was a rather long wait since she wasn’t paying attention and did not get off the school bus. I (naturally) freaked out and called transportation and they brought her right back. After I slowed my heart rate from not knowing where my little girl was, I showed her the mini monster though… and it made her smile.

I consider that smile to be more than worth the time it took me to make this little critter!

Now tomorrow I better come up with something to make for Miles…


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