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Well…. August 19, 2009

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I have been making stuff since my son’s flower, but I get too involved when I am crafting that I forget to take pictures as I go along. I will get better, I promise. I have been busy with non-craft things as well.

Happenings in the life of Madame Ladybug:
1. I made an adorable purse from 2 fat quarters, a cut up old bed sheet (for lining) and some ribbon. Birds and stripes. I have been using it everyday since I made it. My mom wants one for herself. I have some more fat quarters and one of them is the same bird pattern that she loves (my mom is commonly called “the bird lady”) so I may have to make another one.
2. I upcycled ( I love using trendy, new words like that) the scraps left over from my mom’s turquoise skirt and an old tee shirt of mine into a cute dress for my daughter, Lily. She hated it because I added suspenders to give it an extra dose of cool. Oh well, you can’t win em all.

3. Me and Miles made a photo collage about him so he could take it to his first day of first grade.

4. The kids started school!!!! Yesterday was the first day.

5. Lily went to the dentist and I found out she has four cavities which will be filled next week.

6. Miles goes to the dentist today.

7. I mended a shirt for a friend of my mom’s. She had a cigarette hole in it and she did not want her husband to know she had been smoking. LOL!

8. I went shopping! The kds got new school clothes and I got some new tee shirts and a pair of jeans that actually fit me. (VERY hard to find) We desperately needed new clothes. Our basics were old and worn… and shrunken…

9. I practiced my knitting. I actually do this before bed pretty often. I am just making little squares. (ie wasting yarn for practice) so that I can figure out how to do it more quickly, less painfully, and more beautifully. Practice makes perfect, right? Though getting some colored yarn and actually making a project would be cool too. Something tangible… soon…

10. I stopped working at my stupid job.

11. I read LOWBOY. It was a pretty good book. It was even cooler to finish a book. Doesn’t happen often with maternal responsibilities acallin’ constantly.

12. I played with my kids, ate lots of good food, made truffles and bon bons from scratch, and did crossword puzzles.

There’s my update!



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