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A Flower For Miles August 3, 2009

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Sadly, Miles has no flower…

My kids got new church clothes this week. Lily picked out a few dresses and Miles picked out a couple dress outfts. What he wanted most was a tuxedo though. Tuxedos for children are a little difficult to find though. nstead, he got a white shirt and black pants and black tie. That worked for him… except he wanted a flower to put in his pocket. (What can I say? My boy has class!)

Since he is only 6 years old, buying a boutinniere seemed silly. Instead, I quickly made him a (VERY inexpensive) reusable one out of a couple of felt scraps. Here’s how:

One felt scrap (red) was a 2″ by 18″ rectangle.
One felt scrap (green) was a 1″ by 3″ rectangle.
Tacky Glue
One Bread Tie
One cotton ball
Needle and Thread (green)
One safety pin

1. Cut the red scrap down in a straight line every quarter inch for the entire 18 inches, leaving just 1/2″ at the bottom. Then take these little flaps and trim the top on a diagnol cut.
Flower Pieces

2. Take a bread tie and glue it down between the first and second flaps. Roll the red scrap in, covering the bread tie and glueing the base as you go.

3. Fluff the petals of the flower as desired.

4. Glue the green rectangle of felt around the base of the flower.

5. Blanket stitch the green felt together wth a needle and thread.

6. Pull apart a cotton ball and stuff it inside of the green base to give a little extra plumpness.

7.Take the needle and thread and do a running stitch around the bottom of the base, pulling slightly to gather the felt.

8. Pin flower to pocket of shirt.



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