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You have to start somewhere… July 20, 2009

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Welcome to my craft blog! I have decided to start a new blog, seperate from my personal blog, just about sewing and crafting.

I am learning; and while my ultimate goal is to begin producing items worthy of being sold, my goal for this blog is simply to log my creations and have fun. This blog will help me to keep my focus on learning my craft. And hopefully, I will one day get some encouragement from my readers to move forward with my dreams.

For now, I will post my first project. It is a turquoise skirt made of  cotton pique. The skirt is A-lined and knee length. It zips in the back as well as closes above the zipper with a hook and eye closure.  The waist band is interfaced. The skirt also features darts in the front for shaping.

The model in these pictures is my mother. The pattern was drawn according to her measurements. I made this skirt for her.

Here is the how-to for this skirt:

Materials Needed:
1.5 yards cotton pique
.5 yard fusible interfacing
zipper in color to match fabric – 7″ long
hook and eye closure
sewing thread in color to match fabric
basting thread in contrasting color

1. Assemble the Back Pieces. With the right sides facing, pin the two back panels together along the straight center edge and baste. Leaving 8 3/4″ opening at the top unsewn, stitch seam with a straight stitch. Remove basting thread. Press the seam open with an iron. Topstitch on each side of the stitched section of the seam.

2. Join the Sides. Place the right sides of the front and back pieces against each other, pin and then baste the sides. Sew the two seams on each side with a straight stitch. Press the seams open. Topstitch on each side of the stitched section of the seam.

3. Attach the Zipper. Center the zipper over the opening at the top of the skirt with the zipper teeth 1 3/4″ below the top edge. Using the zipper foot on your machine, stitch the zipper in place. First stitch down one side of the zipper from the bottom to the top. Then repeat on the other side. The adjust the garment and sew across the width of the zipper at the bottom.

4. Finish the Waistband. Follow the directions on the fusible interfacing to attach it to the skirt. Then double the extra 1 1/2″ of fabric above the waistband over the interfacing to cover it completely. Pin together. Stitch on the top of the Skirt 1/4″ from the edge, being sure to stitch through all three layers. Close off the back fold along the zipper on the back part of the skirt with small slip stitches done by hand. Attach a hook and eye above the zipper by hand.

5. Add darts. Using tailor’s chalk and a ruler, mark where the two darts in the front will be placed. Pinch the fabric in the back along this dart line and pin in place. Turn garment inside out and straight stitch in the darts.

6. Hem. Try the skirt on to determine where the bottom hem should be. Mark the hem line using tailor’s chalk. Take the skirt off and use an iron to turn the hem under, toward the inside of the skirt. Baste and try on again to ensure that the hem is properly formed all around. Stitch hem into place. Remove basting stitches.


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